Welcome to the Edwards Collective!

Welcome! This is the site for the Edwards Collective of Mathey College — a residential community of approximately 35 Princeton undergraduates who live together to share and celebrate the arts and humanities.  Members of the EC are engineers and poets, humanists and anthropologists, computer scientists and artists who have at least one thing in common:  a desire to live amongst one another and talk about books, music, creative projects, and the role of the arts and humanities in our world. Throughout the year the Edwards Collective takes trips to performances and exhibits, interacts with faculty on special trips and at informal dinners, and participates in retreats over university breaks, during which students can work on their own projects, both alone and in collaboration.

Thanks for visiting — we hope you’ll take a look around! For more about this special community and how you might apply to be a part of it, be sure to peruse the rest of the site. Meanwhile, here are a few words from one of our alumna:

The other thing that I love…is that we all have single rooms, but there are several common spaces for us to study and work together…I really value having a quiet space to do homework in the evenings, but I also love being near friends, too, so this is a great balance for me. Edwards Hall is also quite conveniently located in the center of campus; nothing is too far away.

— Makenna M., Alumna