I’m interested in the Collective, but I don’t live in Mathey College. Can I still apply?
  • Rising juniors and seniors from any one of Princeton’s six residential colleges can apply to the Edwards Collective, as students are permitted to change residential colleges after completing their sophomore year. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from current freshmen (rising sophomores) who are not members of Mathey College, because this would constitute a premature college change. College changes before the junior year are exceedingly rare, and are generally only permitted in very special circumstances in which the health or accessibility needs of a student cannot be met in the current college.
I want to apply, but I also want to be a member of an eating club. What should I do?
  • Given the recent change announced by Dean Dolan and VP Calhoun in their 1/24/22 email, “Current students who choose to live in a residential college as juniors and seniors will not be required to purchase a board plan but may do so if they wish.” Note that sophomores are still required to purchase a meal plan.
I’m not majoring in the Humanities. Can I still apply?
  • Yes, absolutely!
How are rooms assigned?
  • Once all students have accepted an offer to live in the Edwards Collective for the coming year, we hold an internal room lottery. Members will draw numbers by class year, with rising seniors drawing first, followed by juniors, and then sophomores.
Should I submit examples of my writing or artistic work?
  • You certainly can, but know that our goal is not to select the “best” artists or performers, and so we don’t evaluate your work. Instead, we seek to build a community of students who want to live together and take full advantage of opportunities to talk about books, music, literature, and art with each other outside of, and in addition to, the classroom setting.
Can I participate in Edwards Collective events if I’m not a member?
  • In a word, yes. We are very glad to offer all Princeton students opportunities to participate in meaningful exchange and collaboration surrounding the arts and humanities. While space on trips and retreats are allocated first to members of the Collective, we do advertise extra spots on visits to concerts or exhibits when and if they become available (sometimes at the last minute). If you want to be a part of the “Edwards Extension” listserv that would keep you abreast of these happenings, please email mathey@princeton.edu. But if you want to propose and plan trips, and have as many opportunities as possible to join students and faculty in enjoying and discussing the arts, then you should apply to be a member of the Collective!
I still have questions. To whom should I talk?
  • Dr. Natalia Córdova Sánchez, Assistant Dean of Mathey College (ncordova@princeton.edu)