Austen’s Sense & Sensibility by the Bedlam Theatre Company

“I tried reading Sense & Sensibility once,” I confessed. “But I stopped because they were talking about money and it was boring.”

“WHAT?! The money part is a satire!”

The beauty of living together is that, after revealing my woeful ignorance, a fellow member of the Edwards Collective convinced me to give the story another chance. First we watched the film in Edwards Hall. Then we saw the play in New York, in this fascinatingly intimate space (formerly a gym):

Yup, those are the dressing rooms on the left side:

Sense & Sensibility turned out to be a juicy gossip-fest of love affairs on roller skates (seriously, each set is on wheels). The small cast pulled off a stunning number of roles: an actor played multiple people in the same scene, or provided the sound effect of a dog. Others became horses, carriages, trees, upright bedframes… and each instance had us weeping tears of laughter into our embroidered handkerchiefs.

I mean, seriously, look at these guys:


 By Lulu Chen ’17