Written on Skin

Collective members enjoying an arts-filled outing in the city.

Members of the Edwards Collective at the Opera Philadelphia
From left to right: RGS Maggie Kurkoski, Lucina Schwartz ‘19, Ellie Maag ’19, Christian Lawson ’19, Rachel Inman ’20, Nathan Phan ‘19, Claire Thornton ‘19

On a chilly February day the Edwards Collective saw a performance of Written on Skin, at Opera Philadelphia, at the genius suggestion of Claire Thornton ’19. Written by the composer George Benjamin, the work premiered in 2012, and this production was stunning: the set opened in the center of the stage like a jewel-box, painted in lush and vibrant colors. We spent hours after the show discussing the plot, which centers around a woman, an artist, and the woman’s  husband, a Medieval lord who commissions an illuminated manuscript.