Renaissance Faire

This was my first time attending the ren faire and it was incredibly fun! It was really interesting to be able to see the world that people had created at the faire. All of the buildings in the faire as well as the costumes that the employees and visitors were wearing really created the atmosphere that we’d gone back to Renaissance times. The faire was also somewhat in the middle of a forest or campground so it was really refreshing to be able to enjoy the faire without distractions.

We were able to attend performances like a fire whip show, a living chess match, and a real-life jousting tournament (with knights on horses). I also was able to visit a lot of the shops which were themed to offer items that were unique to Renaissance times. For example, there were multiple traditional glassblowing stores, as well as a lot of incense and fragrance stores and even an apothecary. We all had a great time just walking around and sightseeing (it was a very large faire). The weather was perfect and it was an amazing opportunity to take a break from campus and enjoy a celebration of the Renaissance times!

–Leslie Kim